Covid Policy


A (post-)pandemic world requires a lot of adaptations on hygienic measures, official rules and our own ethics to go by.

We believe that the majority of dancers are up to date and conscious about the risk of their own and other people’s health. We trust your adequate behaviour towards covid or other diseases, and we request that you follow the general hygiene measures (and that you have a bit of common sense). We expect that you do not join the festival if you are sick with the possibility of having and spreading Covid-19 at the Gentse Hoppers Exchange. 

Please read this information carefully, so you know what we expect from you if you agree to participate in the GHX.



  • Stay home if you have a sickness or cold! And if you test positive for Covid less than 10 days before the event.  
  • During the event, wash or sanitize your hands regularly, especially before and after class and in between dances.
  • Inform us if you test COVID positive after the event and have participated in one of our activities in the 7 days before.



If you cannot attend the festival due to COVID, we'll refund your payment -15% administrative fee.

Note, you have to be able to present an official document proving that you tested positive. If you can't prove it with an official document, we won’t be able to give you a refund. For more info about cancellation please read our Registration page.


This policy is based on the policy from Big City Blues. Kudos to them!